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Over the years I am always looking if the material we use could be better and one thing I have always thought is lacking are the pallets.the plastic ones are just not strong enough to take out painting and also don't give a good surface to mixed the paints on. There are the Holbein pallets that have a good paint receptive surface as they are acrylic but are made of steel and so if the acrylic cracks at all water will get through and rust the steel below letting paint through and holding it making your colour muddy.

My pallets are made of .5 mm brass with an acrylic covering sprayed three times for a tough clean finish. This makes it tough and unlikely to crack, even if it does the brass below will not rust. Because of this the pallets come with a years guarantee.

The price of the palate is £80 plus postage and if you have a design you would particularly like, let me have a copy of your plan and I will make it to suit.