For beginers and improvers, you will find something to suit you

I am sure that you will find something within these pages that will suit you. There are two hour weekly lessons, one day Saturday workshops, life classes and painting holidays

class sizes: demo

to give you the maximum individual attention I feel it is important to reduce the class size. And so I have

mited each class size to a maximum of eight and 13 in the painting holidays


working to improve individual styles:

my aim is not to teach people to paint like me but to encourage individual styles.

September 16, 1926

beginners and improvers alike:

I cater for both beginners and improvers. With the beginners I go right from the very basics of watercolour painting over a period of time. The improvers can take part in this, and I would recommend it before going on to improving individual techniques.

September 16, 1926


Ready To Paint Sketches

eyamI am producing ready to paint sketches from sketches that I have done on painting holidays and sketching days out, I then scan these into the computer and then print them on to Saunders Waterford paper. This takes away the fear of spending two or three hours sketching and then making a mistake while painting. The student knows that all I need to do is press a button and they will have another sketch to work from.

updated 20.8.2011



Life Classes Once A Month

I am now running life classes once a month, instruction is given on sketching and using the key measure to get the proportions correct. it is a real challenge and one that will improve your sketching immensely.

Updated: August 21st 2011.




curburThe painting holidays are now finished until next year, but already we are planning for them. The holidays for 2012 are Derbyshire, Brittany, Ingleton, Durham and Northumberland. If you would like more information click here

Updated: Nov 23rd 2011

New!!! life classes once a month' ..

The Due to popular demand, I am going to run a life class once a month. It will work in conjunction with the Saturday workshops that also run once a month and so the two will alternate. If you are interested in either please contact me and I will supply you with a list of dates.



sketching days around Derbyshire

These are just single days, on a Saturday. If you are interested in taking part on these please let me have your name and address and telephone number and I will notify you of the day's.

click here for more information.



painting holidays

these are becoming more and more popular, if you have never tried one please do, you will really enjoy them. We do about four painting holidays a year mostly in the northern part of England although a new addition is Brittany that is proving very popular. If you are interested and would like to have a look at the accommodation we use please go to for more information. This is the third year of the Brittany holidays and proving ever more successful.

painting demos

I am also available for painting demos either at my studio that can hold approximately 12 or a painting demo at your location. Please contact me if either is of interest to you.




private lessons

These are available but of course on a one-to-one basis it must be mirrored in the cost. If you are interested in one-to-one tuition please contact me and we will set a time mutually convenient.



Ready to Paint Sketches

Ready to paint sketches

The ready to paint sketches are designed to help new comers to watercolour painting to get the finished product as easily as possible before moving on to working from their own material. They come on good quality water colour paper with permanent ink that won't run when paint is applied.


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