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Hello, my name is David Coupe . I am a self-taught artist and have been painting for about 50 years and about 15 of those teaching art. I started to paint professionally on having to take early retirement due to ill health and I've enjoyed teaching others to enjoy this wonderful hobby. I now run two hour classes, Saturday workshop once a month and painting holidays. I mainly paint these days in watercolour, but also in oils and pastel. My aim is to stop beginners to watercolour painting falling into the traps that I had to work my way through, and there were many.
I now have a busy time giving demonstrations and exhibitions, but I get most enjoyment through teaching others and seeing the enjoyment they get from it. I work from home in a purpose-built studio that I believe that's a good working atmosphere. I now spend most of my time in the studio involved in watercolour courses.

  • Subjects Covered
    • Colour Mixing This is a subject that many dismiss as been trivial but mixing muddy colours is one of the main failings a the beginner to watercolours.
    • Perspective.This is another subject that many try to avoid, but there nothing more annoying than a good painting spoilt by a fault in perspective.
    • Key Measure .An important subject in all forms of art, it enables you to get the proportions of any object correct whether it be a portrait life drawing still life or landscape.
    • COMPOSITIONThis is a subject that is not quite so obvious but nevertheless very important, it turns a picture from the normal to the spectacular.



The subjects that I cover are ...

  • colour mixing
  • perspective
  • key measure
  • watercolours
  • compostion
  • oils
  • pastels
  • sketching
  • life classes
  • painting holidays
  • sketching days
  • Saturday workshops on the last Sat of every month

Because everybody likes to put paint to paper what I do to start with is use my ready to paint sketches
to work from. This gives the student the freedom and confidence to put paint onto a sketch without
the worry of making a mistake as all that is needed to get another sketch is hitting the button on a
computer. As the student becomes more confident we then move on to sketching and working from
their own photographs.



This is a photograph taken in my studio with students busy at work.The studio been purpose built has lots of natural light.

We cater for everybody and all abilities with watercolour holidays that we still find time to introduce the beginer to watercolour painting to all the basics and yet assist with helping the inprovers. With the two hour watercolour workshops we help artists with their own projects or work together with a paint along. Then there is the Saturday watercolour workshop where we run through the basics in the morning and then after lunch work through a paint along.














I know how difficult it is to work in large groups and not receive the attention you need, and so I limit my group sizes to a maximum of nine. This way I feel I can give more attention to each individual student, and, I think they prefer to work in small groups. No matter if the student is a beginner or a improver I still like to start from the very basics and gradually work up through colour mixing, perspective and the key measure and once we are sure everybody is up-to-date with all those subjects we can move on to the next step and on to other lessons in watercolour.


If you would like to see an example of me talking about colour mixing you can go to
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKw9x-_SXvU I made this video in conjunction with the SAA
with whom I am a professional associate.










  • welcome

    Painting is great fun!!!

    I have painted for many years, and I have never got tired of learning the introcasies of painting and watercolours especially. I can only urge you to give it a try and I am sure you will become a fan just as I did.

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  • basics

    Outdoor workshops

    These are just single days, on a Saturday. If you are interested in taking part on these please let me have your name and address and telephone number and I will notify you of the day's. Assistance and materials can be supplied were necessary. If you are a complete beginner please let me know so I can arrange extra tuition for you.

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  • hols

    Painting holidays These are becoming more and more popular, if you have never tried one please do, you will really enjoy them. We do about four painting holidays a year mostly in the northern part of England.It does not matter if you are new to painting or an improver, as much time as possible will be given to the individual and for the complete beginner all the basics of colour mixing, perspective and the use of the key measure will be given at the beginning of the holiday.

  • fun
  • The Due to popular demand, I am going to run a life class once a month. It will work in conjunction with the Saturday workshops that also run once a month and so the two will alternate. If you are interested in either please contact me and I will supply you with a list of dates.

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